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Egyptian Village Mourns Men Killed in Libyan Flooding: Tragic Loss for Longtime Workers | TOME


Egyptian Village Mourns Loss of Sons in Devastating Flooding

The small village of Nazlet el-Sharif, located along the Nile River in Egypt, is reeling from the tragic loss of 74 young men who were killed in the recent flooding in neighboring Libya. The news of their deaths came as a shock to the tight-knit community, leaving families devastated and the entire village in mourning.

The flooding occurred when Mediterranean storm Daniel unleashed heavy rainfall on the city of Derna in Libya. Two dams in the mountains above the city burst, sending a wall of water two stories high that washed away entire neighborhoods and caused widespread destruction. Over 11,300 people were reported killed, including scores of Egyptians who had lived and worked in Derna for years.

Among the victims were the two sons of Ashraf Sadawy Abdel-Fattah, a 42-year-old farmer from Nazlet el-Sharif. Abdel-Fattah learned of their deaths while scrolling through social media on his mobile phone. His second-eldest son, Mohamed, 23, and Abdel-Rahman, 19, were among the names listed as casualties of the devastating flood.

The grief is palpable in the village as families come to terms with their loss. A mass funeral was held for the 74 village men, attended by local officials and hundreds of villagers. The entire community is united in their sorrow, with some families losing one son, others losing two or even three.

Many of the young men from Nazlet el-Sharif had gone to Libya in search of work to support their families back home. Egypt has long been a destination for Egyptians seeking employment opportunities, particularly in the oil-rich country of Libya. In recent years, young Egyptians, like many others from the Middle East and Africa, have also used Libya as a transit point to try to reach Europe.

The tragedy has highlighted the risks faced by those who seek better lives abroad. The Egyptian government has been working to repatriate the bodies of those killed in the flooding. So far, the bodies of 145 Egyptians have been found, with dozens buried in Libya and 84 flown back to Egypt.

For Abdel-Fattah, the pain of losing his sons is immeasurable. He had been in regular contact with them, and the last time they spoke was just days before the flood. Mohamed had been excitedly discussing plans to marry and was eagerly awaiting the completion of his new apartment, which his father was building for him.

As the village mourns, the tragedy serves as a reminder of the hardships faced by many families in Egypt. The economic crisis in the country has driven young men to seek opportunities elsewhere, often in dangerous or unstable environments. The loss of these young lives is a devastating blow to the community and a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those who strive for a better future.

As the search for the missing continues in Derna, the village of Nazlet el-Sharif will continue to grieve for their sons. The photos of Mohamed and Abdel-Rahman on Abdel-Fattah’s phone serve as a painful reminder of their loss. The entire village stands in solidarity with one another, offering support and comfort during this difficult time.

The tragic flooding in Libya has left a lasting impact on the village of Nazlet el-Sharif and serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by those who seek a better life abroad. As the community mourns the loss of their sons, they also come together to support one another and find solace in their shared grief.

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