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Croatia ruling party set to win election: Exit poll | TOME


Croatia’s governing HDZ party is projected to win 58 seats in the 151-seat parliament, according to an exit poll. This outcome indicates that the HDZ party is on track to maintain its position as the leading political party in Croatia.

The HDZ party, which stands for the Croatian Democratic Union, has been in power since 2016. Led by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, the party has focused on promoting economic growth, improving infrastructure, and strengthening Croatia’s position within the European Union.

The projected victory for the HDZ party comes as a significant achievement, considering the challenges that Croatia has faced in recent years. The country has been grappling with issues such as high unemployment rates, a sluggish economy, and a growing sense of disillusionment among its citizens.

Despite these challenges, the HDZ party has managed to maintain its popularity among voters. This can be attributed to the party’s efforts to address key issues facing the country and its commitment to implementing policies that benefit the Croatian people.

One of the key factors contributing to the HDZ party’s success is its strong leadership. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic has been praised for his ability to navigate complex political issues and steer Croatia in the right direction. Under his leadership, the country has seen improvements in areas such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

In addition to strong leadership, the HDZ party has also been successful in building alliances with other political parties. By forming coalitions and working together with like-minded parties, the HDZ has been able to secure support for its policies and initiatives.

The projected victory for the HDZ party is a testament to the party’s ability to connect with voters and address their concerns. By focusing on issues that matter most to the Croatian people, such as job creation, economic growth, and social welfare, the HDZ has managed to build a strong base of support.

Looking ahead, the HDZ party will need to continue its efforts to address the challenges facing Croatia. This includes tackling issues such as corruption, improving transparency in government, and promoting sustainable development.

In addition to domestic challenges, Croatia also faces external pressures, such as the ongoing refugee crisis and tensions with neighboring countries. The HDZ party will need to navigate these issues carefully and work towards finding peaceful and sustainable solutions.

As Croatia moves forward, it is clear that the HDZ party will play a crucial role in shaping the country’s future. With a projected victory in the parliamentary elections, the party has a mandate to continue its work and build on its achievements.

In conclusion, the projected victory for Croatia’s governing HDZ party is a significant milestone that highlights the party’s strong leadership and commitment to addressing key issues facing the country. As Croatia looks towards the future, the HDZ party will need to continue its efforts to build a prosperous and sustainable future for all its citizens.

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