Friday, February 23, 2024


China Probes Foxconn’s Taxes and Land Use, Shares Slide | TOME

Apple supplier's shares dropped as much as 3 percent after report by China's state-owned Global Times.

Big Businesses Stay Silent on Israel-Hamas Conflict Amid Ukraine Outcry

Major brands that spoke out against Russia's invasion have been reluctant to weigh in on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Qantas Found Guilty of Unlawfully Firing Workers Amid COVID, Court Decides | TOME

Australia's High Court upholds earlier ruling that airline broke the law when it outsourced ground handling jobs.

Apple’s iPhone 15 and iPods: All You Need to Know | TOME

The iPhone 15 will go on sale from September 22, retailing at between $799 and $1,199.

Japan’s Solution to Overtourism: Exploring Off the Beaten Path | TOME

Tour operators are touting Japan's less explored regions as surging visitor numbers put strain on popular sites.

Biden Joins US Tech Execs in Vietnam Talks with Business Leaders | TOME

Business talks held as Washington and Hanoi seek to deepen cooperation amid shared concerns about China’s rise..

Australia to Mandate Google and Bing to Crack Down on AI-Generated Child Porn | TOME

Online safety code requires search engines to take 'appropriate steps' to prevent spread of child abuse material.

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