Twitter Cuts Jobs in Cost Reduction

Latest round of layoffs affects multiple engineering teams, report says.

China Urged to Prioritize Wellbeing over GDP Amid Climate Change

Economists say China should adopt new development model to meet its net-zero emissions goals.

Ukraine Refugees in Japan Fill Tech Talent Gap

A scholarship programme aims to help displaced Ukrainians find jobs while addressing Japan's chronic labour shortages.

Hong Kong Handouts to Aid COVID-19 Recovery

Government says it will issue vouchers worth 5,000 Hong Kong dollars to all adults this year to help economic recovery.

South Korea to Discontinue Certain COVID Tests for Travelers from China

South Korean authorities will no longer require arrivals from China to do a COVID test from next month.

India Enacts Emergency Law to Increase Coal Plant Output

Directive calling on coal plants to run at full capacity comes ahead of expected surge in power usage this summer.

Japan to Lead G7 Discussions on Pressuring Russia Regarding Ukraine Situation

Financial leaders of the G7 will meet on Thursday to discuss measures aimed at pressuring Moscow to end war.