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US High School Graduation Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, 5 Injured

Police say a 19-year-old suspect was arrested shortly after the mass shooting and found in possession of four handguns.

Gaza Zoo Struggles to Survive Without Animals

GAZA: Large paintings of a bear, an elephant and a giraffe decorate the outer walls of NAMA Zoo in Gaza City, but none of these wild creatures is represented live among those caged inside. Six years ago, the lone tiger died, and despite visitors’ frequent demands for a replacement, the owners have not been able to afford to buy or feed a new one. There were once six zoos in Gaza, a narrow coastal enclave which has been closed off behind security walls since 2007.

West Ham and Fiorentina Seek to End European Trophy Drought in Europa Conference League Final

PRAGUE: West Ham and Fiorentina haven’t won a European trophy for more than 50 years. The drought will end for one of them when they play out the Europa Conference League final on Wednesday in Prague. “This will be the biggest match that the club has had in so long, so it’s going to be an honor to be part of and hopefully we can create some history on the night for the fans to cheer about,” said West Ham captain Declan Rice, who is widely expected to leave the club after the season.

Hong Kong Bans Protest Song Mistaken as National Anthem

Government cites 'national security' as it moves to ban popular Glory to Hong Kong song, from 2019 protests.

Fish and Algae Conference and Exhibition Held in Dammam

DAMMAM: More than 100 companies from 35 countries descended on the Dhahran Expo for an under-the-sea experience during the International Conference and Exhibition of Algae from June 4-6. The event, organized in conjunction with the International Fisheries Exhibition — known as SIMEC — played host to 16 workshops in a dedicated interactive space where seafood was offered to visitors, videos were on display, and experts were on hand to discuss everything related to algae and fish.

LGBTQ State of Emergency Declared by Human Rights Campaign in US

The advocacy organisation identified Florida, Tennessee and Texas as states increasingly hostile to the LGBTQ community.

Neglect of Health and Hygiene Deepens Gender Inequality in Middle East Displacement Camps

LONDON: Every month, women and girls living in camps for displaced people face a common challenge — one that, despite being a natural occurrence, disrupts their daily lives in everything from queuing for meals to participating in social life. Long a relatively neglected health issue, aid agencies say that poor access to menstrual hygiene management products impacts the lives of millions in the world’s crisis-hit regions, deepening gender inequality.