Your information to Russian political events forward of the 2021 Parliamentary Election: Fair Russia — For Truth

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From September 17-19, Russians will vote to elect the 450 MPs who will symbolize them for the following 5 years. Ahead of the election, RT will preview the events almost definitely to win seats, this time specializing in Fair Russia.

Who are they?

Fair Russia — For Truth is a celebration initially created in 2006, though it has undergone many adjustments since. It was initially fashioned as a merger of three minor factions, particularly Rodina, the Party of Life, and the Pensioners’ Party. Sergey Mironov, the top of the Party of Life, was chosen as its chief. It has rebranded quite a few occasions within the 15 years since however remains to be chaired by the veteran from Saint Petersburg. The social gathering has left-wing financial insurance policies however leans closely conservative on social points.

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Earlier this yr, Fair Russia absorbed the Patriots of Russia and For Truth factions, including the latter’s title to the official title of the social gathering at present.

How did they do final time?

In 2016, Fair Russia acquired simply 6% of the vote, dropping two-thirds of the seats it received in 2011.

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In the time since, the social gathering has had some electoral success, successful the governorships of the Omsk and Chuvash Regions in 2018 and 2020 respectively, each by a landslide. The ruling United Russia social gathering opted to not contest these elections.

Also on Russia’s elections are an all-important check for Putin’s social gathering. But can opposition activists within the sunny south beat voter apathy?

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In the 2018 Presidential Election, the group backed the candidacy of Vladimir Putin, with chief Mironov claiming that he had no want to battle “for second place.”

Who helps them?

Despite the social gathering’s lowly place on the nationwide stage, nevertheless, it does have some pockets of considerable help in Russia’s south, similar to in North Ossetia and the Astrakhan Region, the place the grouping has vital illustration within the native parliament.

What do they imagine?

Fair Russia is nominally a fiscally left-wing social gathering with right-wing nationalist social insurance policies, however in actuality it’s a smorgasbord from everywhere in the political spectrum. For instance, Mironov himself claims to be a socialist. At the identical time, his two co-chairmen initially come from the Patriots of Russia, a Communist Party splinter group, and For Truth, based by a former member of the notoriously syncretic National Bolshevik Party, which was created by Soviet dissident author Eduard Limonov.

For the 2021 election, the group is working on a manifesto known as ‘The 12 Principles of Truth, Patriotism, and Justice’. The social gathering’s pledges embody overcoming the revenue hole by rising tax on the wealthiest residents, state regulation of costs for tariffs of important items, and a concentrate on a good redistribution of finances revenues from the middle of the nation to different, extra distant, areas.

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In phrases of international coverage, Fair Russia seeks to acknowledge the proper of the individuals of Donbass, in japanese Ukraine, to self-determination, whereas providing an “easy and quick opportunity” for many who grew up in “Russian culture” to acquire a passport.

What else do I must know?

The first title on Fair Russia’s social gathering checklist is Zakhar Prilepin, a Russian author and journalist who fought within the battle in Chechnya within the 1990s earlier than later turning into second answerable for a volunteer battalion within the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, in Ukraine. He has boasted about killing many individuals.

His political profession began within the aforementioned National Bolshevik Party (NBP), a banned political group that promoted a type of Russian irredentist neo-sovietism and sought to unite each far-left and far-right radicals. He later joined The Other Russia, based by the identical man who created the NBP, the notorious Limonov.

Prilepin is needed in Ukraine on terrorism expenses.

In the West, Fair Russia’s most well-known social gathering member is undoubtedly Steven Seagal, who was granted Russian citizenship by Putin in 2016. He joined the social gathering earlier this yr and proposed a crackdown on companies that harm the setting.

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