Home Entertainment Will Arnett and Aaron Paul interrogating James Corden is as ridiculous as...

Will Arnett and Aaron Paul interrogating James Corden is as ridiculous as it sounds

Will Arnett and Aaron Paul interrogating James Corden is as ridiculous as it sounds

By Sam Haysom

You would ordinarily assume the persons showcasing in a law enforcement lineupnotto want their identify to be referred to as. But when James Corden finds himself standing alongside 3 strapping, muscular suspects, all he truly wants is to be integrated.

In the sketch previously mentioned forThe Late Late Show, Will Arnett stars as the investigating officer, when Aaron Paul is the victim of a mugging, making an attempt to finger his attacker.

Every little thing ultimately descends into predictable chaos, but in advance of it does, see if you can rely how a lot of moments Arnett just about wholly cracks up and breaks character.

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