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Why Your ‘Spotify Wrapped’ Recap Has Songs You’ve Never Listened To

Why Your ‘Spotify Wrapped’ Recap Has Songs You’ve Never Listened To

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It’s that time of 12 months once again. Spotify is below totease youremind you about your musical behaviors in excess of the past several months. Most folks should really have a rather great strategy of what albums and music you’ve binged in excess of the year—Hadestown, for me. For a welcoming reminder, all you will need to do is pull up your model-newSpotify yearly report, but you may possibly want to get ready for a surprise or two.

These reviews are not perfect—that, or your recollection of your musical preferences in excess of the year may not be as accurate as you assume. Tracks and artists could seem on your Spotify Wrapped report thatyou swear you have by no means listened toyou may be improper, but you also could not be ridiculous. There are a number of reasons why bizarre tracks can permeate your Spotify annual report, and we have a number of extra recommendations if you want a a lot more accurate concept of how you rocked out this calendar year.

Spotify Wrapped has a constrained timeframe

If you have been going wild with some huge November release, like theWatchmensoundtracks, you will not see any of these on your Spotify Wrapped recap. The streaming company doesn’t protect thecomplete12 months, because Spotify demands time to, you know,build it:

“January 1st to Oct 31st, 2019. Any listening following this won’t be integrated. This offers our teams adequate time to assemble every little thing. Some further stories includes stats from before a long time though, these types of as total minutes, prime artists, and so forth. All those stories encompass the full calendar year of listening (Jan one – December 31).”

You pulled up Spotify at a get together

Don’t forget, just about anything you do on your Spotify account is truthful activity for the Wrapped report. If you allow your close friends pick songs all through your road trip, or made use of your Spotify account for track record new music at a occasion (or lots of events), surprising music could possibly exhibit up on your report. And, no, you simply cannot edit these tracks or artists out of your report in any way, as Spotify describes:

“We’re unable to update your stats or playlists because it is based mostly on your personal listening record. Sorry about that! For the upcoming, it is always worth thinking about that, for instance, if you still left Spotify playing in the background or permit buddies play their tunes with your account then your listening data may possibly have been impacted.”

It’s also doable that a pal, roommate, or cherished a single is innocently applying your Spotify account by usingyour a variety of wise devices, which could also influence what seems on Spotify’s annual report.

Another person hacked your Spotify account at some position

This seems alittlefar-fetched, but it’s not not possible, primarily due to the fact Spotify delivers no possibility for locking down your account with two-element (or two-stage) authentication. I have browse a number of reviews from Spotify customers complaining that obtaining their accounts hacked at some position this year messed up their Wrapped report. And although this is some thing youprobablyshould really have discovered if you logged into Spotify and observed a bunch of bizarre audio on your “Recently played” part, it is attainable you’ve been overlooking this.

Screenshot: David Murphy

Even so, if you see a whole lot of songs on your report that does not make sense, now’s as great a time as any tomodify your Spotify passwordto a thing exceptional and secure. And once you have finished that,log outof any other units that may be employing your Spotify account, just to be super-sure.

How to get improved stats than Spotify’s report

Very little from Spotify’s yearly wrap-up, but if you want a comprehensive glimpse at what you’ve been listening to in excess of the year—or at any point, really—consider connecting your Spotifyto a Last.fmaccount. This selection does not look to exist inside the Spotify applications anymore, but you must be able to deal with this process on thePast.fmaspect.

Screenshot: David Murphy

You can also try pulling upSpotify.me, the streaming service’s other “how perfectly do we know your tastes” device to see if it is a much more accurate reflection of your listening behavior. Or, if you desire a additional plain solution, the 3rd-celebration websitestatsforspotify.comdoes a great occupation of telling you about your leading tracks and artists around the last thirty day period, 6 months, or as considerably back again as you’ve employed Spotify.

Screenshot: David Murphy

There arelots of others, way too do a very little digging, and I’m certain you are going to convert up a stats web-site that is even improved than Spotify’s yearly report. And then you will have no argument for when some horrible band displays up in your top

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