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Why Google Assistant Looks Smaller on Your Older Pixel Phone

Why Google Assistant Looks Smaller on Your Older Pixel Phone

Pixel four customers have the least-intrusive version of Google’s electronic assistant, but a new redesign to the Google Assistant UI has started appearing on older Pixel units. Never be alarmed by the update, which offers your assistant a a lot more streamlined seem by allowing it to dynamically scale its sizing primarily based on its reaction to your queries.

According toearly impressions from 9to5Google, the new UI dedicates only the reduce third of the display to primary informational responses, when music playback instructions get up fifty percent the display. Visually-primarily based commands or responses, this sort of as temperature studies, will deal with two-thirds of the display, but that is the most space the Assistant window will choose up—much much less intrusive compared to the whole-display screen responses of the previous.

There are still some unique UI components that are distinctive to Google Assistant on Pixel 4—specifically the transparent windows—but this update helps make the user practical experience a lot more consistent across all Pixel equipment.

Distinctions in between the previous Google Assistant UI and the redesign.

When the Google Assistant redesign will probably roll out to all more mature Pixel gadgets about time, it appears to be hitting Pixel three phones very first, albeit inconsistently so much only a smattering of end users have found the update. Just to be certain, I attempted installing on my initial Pixel XL and did not discover any modify still.

You may want to try opting into the app’s betaby visiting this backlink(the url can also be employed to choose-out if you run into any troubles right after putting in the beta). Following you have accepted the phrases and joined the beta, you can possibly wait for Google Perform to update the Google Assistant application, or you canmanually download the beta edition from the Perform Retail outlet. With luck, this should really be the quickest technique for finding the Google Assistant UI tweaks, if you don’t want to wait for Google to roll it out to you

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