What is the reason behind the popularity of JF-17 Thunder Block-3…?

A product does not always need a super technology behind it to be very successful, so it is in the defense industry.

Pakistan, in contrast to other countries, which have sometimes greatly overstaffed their capacity, has well analyzed its capabilities and built a cost-effective aircraft for its army.

It has gone into joint development with a more experienced country and minimized costs, while also gaining some experience. Thus, a plane has come out, which is very cheap to buy, has very low maintenance costs (a dream for every Airforce) and that makes what they expect from him to 100%.

One of the biggest problems facing many Airforces today is that they no longer have to confront other Airforces, as in the Cold War, but must do 80%, either air-guarding, watching border infiltrations or fighting terrorists.

Rather than fly a $ 100 million F-35 for 15 terrorists with a cost $ 1 million, including $ 100,000 for a guided missile, you fly much better with such a machine, using your cannon in close confrontation for example, and all just for 50,000 Dollar expenses.

And all the countries that want to do such missions would of course also buy JF-17.

Less than 10–11 years in research & development, Less than $500 millions invested, Fly by wire & latest HUD used in its cockpit, In 1st combat role shoots down 2 IAF aircrafts namely Mig-21 & SU-30 single handedly with BVR, Without over exaggerated marketing or falsified promotion of across the border of HAL Tejas – a pure killing fighter aircraft to be reckoned with for any warplane!, Block 3 to be role’d out with AESA, PL-15 payload for any 4th or 5th generation to pose as opponent.

Without conditions attached to use as any government desires without mainly restrictions or conditions to fly. State of the art concept stealth & Block 4 already work in progress at the moment, Did I miss anything, this type of equipment gives a pilot super confidence in his hands to kill any bird of pray anywhere anytime.


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