Saturday, December 5, 2020

‘We break bones, not hearts’: Sister says Ibsham Zahid is suffering from mental health issues

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Pakistani Twitter is calling for the arrest of a boy named Ibsham Zahid for harassing a girl named Fatima on social media for the past four years.

A campaign picked up on Monday on Twitter demanding the arrest of a teenage boy, Zahid, who is reportedly harassing the girl for the past four years.

Since yesterday, #ibshamzahidbehindthebars is heavily trending on Twitter. Twitter users rallied in to raise their voice for the girl and her family who are potentially at risk of being sexually abused or killed by Ibsham Zahid.

It all started when a Twitter user posted the screenshots of threatening messages of the 16-year-old Zahid to the girl. In the messages, the boy has threatened to sexually abuse her and kill her family if she does not listen to him.

He even flaunted his weapons in a video to intimidate the girl. The girl released a series of social media messages and videos in which the boy is seen harassing, intimidating, and forcing her to establish a relationship with him. The posts shared by the girl immediately went viral on Twitter.

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Amid the chaos on social media, Maroosh Minhaj, claiming to be the sister of the boy, shared her side of the story and claimed that Zahid is a minor and suffering from mental health issues.

In an Instagram post yesterday she revealed that her brother has been diagnosed with  Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD), anger management issues, and is highly emotionally unstable.

She mentioned that her family realized the potentially harmful behavior of her brother Zahid and they are seeking help from multiple health professionals for his treatment.

She said her family wanted Ibsham Zahid to send to the rehabilitation center but they fear matters would become much worse for him due to his age.

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Now, social media users are calling out the concerned authorities to take effective measures to protect the girl and her family from any possible harm.

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