Thursday, June 24, 2021

Washington DC protests: Pakistani Twitter likens USA to Pakistan

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Twitter in Pakistan is brimming with amusing reactions to the siege and violence at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C in the USA on Thursday.

The violent protests and siege in the capital of the USA have sent shockwaves across the world including Pakistan. Countries including India and Turkey have expressed concern about the law and order situation in the USA. A woman was shot dead by police and three other people have lost their lives due to medical emergencies.

Disturbing images and videos of rowdy mob assaulting the property and building flashed on the internet across the world. The mob even attacked the journalists standing outside Capitol Hill, a group of protestors broke the equipment as well. Fear has taken over the city, as law enforcement agencies shut the entire city to control the mayhem.

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However, Twitter users have been comparing the USA to Pakistan as chaos marred the smooth transfer of power to the new president-elect of the USA, Joe Biden. Internet users posted memes and comments on social media.

Some said the protest in the USA reminded them of a sit-in by a religious party, Tehreek-i-Labbaik, Pakistan at Islamabad.

A score of Twitter users said that Pakistan is familiar with the law and order situation that is prevailing in the USA currently. Others said the vicious attack by supporters of Trump on the Capitol Hill and rebellion against the incoming government has erased the difference between the USA- which is touted as the most developed country and the developing countries, like Pakistan.

Several international observers lamented a visible breakdown of democratic and liberal values in the USA following the ferocious attack by thousands of protestors, refusing to recognize the new government.

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Others said that it is time that the USA should focus on rebuilding its society rather than focusing on the internal politics of other countries.

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