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Use the Pixel 4’s ‘Live Caption’ Feature to Transcribe Muted Videos

Use the Pixel 4’s ‘Live Caption’ Feature to Transcribe Muted Videos

A single of the coolest parts ofGoogle’s Pixel 4is its AI-assisted Dwell Caption characteristic, which makes it possible for your smartphone to quickly caption any audio getting played in your applications. This allows you go through along with media taking part in on sources like YouTube, Twitter, and a lot more.

AsAndroid Police not too long ago found, audio transcriptions even function when your Pixel 4’s volume is turned down—or an app is muted. This is simply because live transcriptions are made from audio info, and not from sounds picked up by the phone’s microphone. If you choose to mute autoplaying video clips (or if your browser doesn’t mute them by default), but really don’t want to skip the important information and facts you may get from an occasional online video, this blend of muting and Are living Caption is for you.

To turn on your Pixel 4’s are living captioning, go toOptions>Seem>Are living Caption, and then tap the slider to toggle the feature on. Your mobile phone will quickly notify you and start out captioning when it acknowledges interior audio is currently being played.

This is a wonderful accessibility solution for all those with hearing impairments, but all users will advantage from dwell captioning—including Pixel three and 3a users, who will receive the element in an impending update. As for the muting component, that part’s simple: just switch your phone’s volume all the way down when you are employing your net browser. You could also maintain it cranked and faucet on the lock icon to the right of Chrome’s handle bar (for case in point), faucet on Web site settings, and block audio throughout an total domain.

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