Thursday, August 5, 2021

UP: Tigress carcass discovered, search launched after ‘cubs spotted’, says forest officer

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A day after the carcass of a five-year-old tigress was discovered within the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, a search was launched on Tuesday to hint 4 of its cubs that “were possibly spotted by a forest official”.

District Forest Officer (Pilibhit Tiger Reserve) Naveen Khandelwal stated the search was initiated after an official suspected that he may need noticed the cubs.

“One of our staff members said he saw some tiger cubs from a distance. But there is a possibility that they were cats. So, as a precautionary measure, we have launched an intensive search for the cubs. Till now, we have not found any traces, but the search will continue for another day or two,” stated Khandelwal.

“We found the tigress dead on Monday. A post-mortem examination has been conducted. Till now, the findings reveal no unnatural injuries, ruling out the possibility of poaching. We suspect that the tigress died during a fight with another tiger, or due to some disease,” stated Khandelwal. DM Pilibhit, Pulkit Khare, stated the autopsy examination of the tigress was accomplished at Indian Veterinary Research Institute.


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