Monday, November 6, 2023

UAE President: Sustainability Key to Global Climate Action Support


Sustainability at the Heart of UAE’s Support for Global Climate Action

In a recent statement, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, the President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), reiterated the country’s commitment to sustainability and its support for global climate action. He emphasized the importance of international solidarity and cooperation in finding practical solutions to climate challenges.

The President met with the team overseeing COP28 (the 28th Conference of the Parties) at Qasr Al-Bahr Majlis to discuss preparations for the conference and its action agenda. The four pillars of the action agenda include fast-tracking a just and orderly energy transition, fixing climate finance, prioritizing nature and livelihoods in climate action, and enhancing inclusivity in national climate efforts.

Hosting COP28 is seen as an opportunity for the UAE to build upon its legacy of environmental stewardship and empower youth, women, and civil society to contribute to global efforts in combating climate change. The country aims to foster cooperation and joint action to achieve outcomes that benefit the global community.

The President highlighted the urgency of effective climate action in light of the ongoing climate crisis. He emphasized that the conference will play a crucial role in protecting the planet and ensuring the well-being of future generations. The UAE is committed to leveraging its diverse international partnerships to promote inclusive dialogue, practical climate solutions, and sustainable social and economic development.

The UAE has been actively working towards sustainability and environmental conservation. The country has made significant investments in renewable energy projects, including solar and wind power. It has also implemented various initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency.

By hosting COP28, the UAE aims to showcase its commitment to sustainability and encourage other nations to take decisive action. The conference will provide a platform for countries to share their experiences, exchange best practices, and collaborate on innovative solutions.

One of the key pillars of the action agenda is fast-tracking a just and orderly energy transition. The UAE recognizes the importance of transitioning to clean and renewable sources of energy to mitigate the impact of climate change. The country has set ambitious targets for renewable energy generation and is actively investing in research and development to advance clean technologies.

Another crucial aspect of the action agenda is fixing climate finance. The UAE acknowledges the need for adequate funding to support climate mitigation and adaptation efforts, particularly in developing countries. The country has been actively contributing to international climate finance mechanisms and supporting projects that promote sustainable development.

Putting nature, lives, and livelihoods at the center of climate action is another priority for the UAE. The country recognizes the interconnectedness between nature, human well-being, and climate change. It aims to protect ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and promote sustainable land use practices.

Enhancing inclusivity in national climate action is also a key focus for the UAE. The country believes that effective climate action requires the involvement of all stakeholders, including youth, women, and civil society. It aims to create an inclusive platform for diverse voices and perspectives to contribute to climate solutions.

As COP28 approaches, the UAE is committed to working closely with international partners to ensure its success. The conference will provide an opportunity for countries to strengthen their commitments under the Paris Agreement and accelerate global climate action.

In conclusion, sustainability remains a top priority for the UAE, and the country is actively supporting global climate action. By hosting COP28, the UAE aims to showcase its commitment to environmental stewardship and promote international cooperation in finding practical solutions to climate challenges. The conference’s action agenda, with its focus on energy transition, climate finance, nature-based solutions, and inclusivity, reflects the UAE’s comprehensive approach to addressing climate change. With its diverse international partnerships and investments in renewable energy, the UAE is well-positioned to contribute to the global effort in protecting the planet and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

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