Saturday, March 6, 2021

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 2021 review | Chasing Cars

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  1. $137,000 isn't to be sneezed at. Maybe the sales figures are the rich getting richer and the rest of us not buying new cars? Hard to belive these are a huge seller considering 98% of the population lives within 15 mins of a supermarket and don't share a driveway with Crocodile Dundee and moreover they are massively expensive as a form of transport in a civilisation that has traffic lights and roundabouts. Is it maybe that the older age group like these and get them with superannuation coin? That would account why Toyotas tech is all behind the times..

  2. Isn't the 300 series due this year? This shape is looking really dated now but in saying that the 300 doesnt look to much different apart from the stupid clown mouth grill that is all the rage… I would be waiting for the new engine.

  3. You just about need a pilots licence to operate the bloody temperature control.
    You can't play with your phone whilst driving, yet the centre control screen is just as fiddly and distracting. Simple circular knobs that turn with a click are the most ergonomic whilst in motion. Those screens now operate too many functions. What if they're smashed or something?


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