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Right before Nintendo unveiled the Switch, the business had early plans to produce a equivalent handheld based mostly on its legendary GameCube console, leaked internal documents advise. There’s also a leaked presentation which indicates that Nintendo explored the concept of releasing a high-definition console that would have competed much more immediately with the PS3 and Xbox 360.Eurogamernotes that the documents show up to have occur from the exact supply as July’s “gigaleak.”

A specialized diagram outlines a transportable console that could be attached to a Television through a dock that includes GameCube controller ports, memory card slots, and a port for an SD card. On the other hand, it’s unclear if the undertaking at any time made it previous this early planning phase. The GameCube had a modest carrying tackle, which means that it wastechnicallymore portable than both the PlayStation two or Xbox, even if you nonetheless had to use an exterior display, controllers, and energy source.

There have been a good deal of homebrew tries to make a portable GameCube console. The most stylish of these came earlier this calendar year when @GingerOfMods produced a stunning Match Boy Coloration-design handheld that was capable of enjoying both of those Wii and GameCube online games. Or, if you prefer the Sport Boy Advance SP’s variety-variable to the Video game Boy Color, then there’s this undertaking from final year.

Alongside particulars of a portable GameCube,Eurogameralso details to leaked documents that suggest Nintendo explored manufacturing a much more regular console observe-up to the GameCube. This high-definition console would have been introduced in late 2005 and competed immediately with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a decreased rate stage and a bigger emphasis on game titles above typical multimedia.

Of program, Nintendo by no means adopted by means of with these plans, and instead introduced the Nintendo Wii in 2006. The Wii presented a exceptional movement-primarily based management scheme, and hardware that was confined to common-definition graphics. It was insanely effective, and eventually offered more than 100 million models, a lot more than both of those the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Even though it was a pretty unique console to what is shown in this leaked presentation, the Wii did use hardware made by ATI (now element of AMD), whose branding seems in the pitch deck.

It is unattainable to know from these leaks how significantly possibly of these options progressed, but it’s fascinating to see how much back Nintendo’s desire in the Switch’s hybrid variety-component goes. It’s another intriguing peek into the historical past of a person of gaming’s most secretive providers.

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