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These Subreddits Will Help You Recall That Word on the Tip of Your Tongue

These Subreddits Will Help You Recall That Word on the Tip of Your Tongue

TheIdea of My Tonguesubreddit has been supporting individuals don’t forget matters for ten yrs. Future time you simply cannot bear in mind the title of a motion picture, a song, a GIF, a e book,a cease-motion movie turning twentieth-century warfare into a food combat…whatsoever it is, appear below and inquire.

Some of the subreddit’s most common solved mysteries consist of:

  • The German track someone’s dying grandmother keeps humming 
  • An actor who appears to be “like Michael Douglas but with a lot more hair”
  • The pizzeria that begun as a drug front
  • The infamous Entire body Builder Forums argument about the amount of times in a 7 days(see alsothis gripping documentary)
  • The YouTube ghost hunter who received caught coaching his “ghost”

Present-day unsolved mysteries contain:

  • A struggle scene where by Jackie Chan accidentally tends to make and serves a pot of tea
  • A song with “bang bang” sound results and the words and phrases “lemon” and “drink shot”
  • The duck from a 90s cartoon
  • A board sport which is a lot like Monopoly, but isn’t Monopoly
  • A 90s music about drowning that is not Jars of Clay’s “Flood”
  • This track from Myanmar 

Although you can publish fairly significantly anything at all in TOMT, if you’re on the lookout for a video activity, you might have extra luck inIdea of My Joystick. For porn, go to the NSFWSuggestion of My Penis. And though it is a incredibly silent subreddit, you could also try TOMT Animefor anime. If you are a RoosterTeeth fan and you’re searching for a moment from any of their channels, try the remarkably energetic subredditSuggestion of My Rooster. And if you’re wanting for a subreddit, useUncover a Reddit.

If you have forgotten the term that means a individual thing, useWhat’s the Phrase. This is a enjoyment one to look through, as there are frequently many answers: Inone well-known put up, somebody wanted a time period for the weirdness of modifying again to fact just after getting immersed in a motion picture or guide. One particular redditor realized it as aguide hangover, a different as a kind ofjamais vu, and a further coined the term “dystoria.”

If you have an item but you really don’t know what it is, useWhat Is This Point?That subreddit has identified:

  • An deserted missile
  • A naughty lizard
  • A hidden spy microphone
  • A mysterious tube inside a wall
  • A jawbone total of “throat teeth”
  • Fortunately not a sex detail 
  • A purple sky about SoCal 

For much more certain object identification, tryName That Vehicle,Name That Aircraft, andTitle That Bicycle. If you know what you want but you really do not know wherever to get 1, attemptAid Me Come across.

Where ever you post, examine the regulations in the subreddit’s appropriate rail. That way you will stay clear of receiving your post quickly eliminated simply because you forgot to specify a little something, or wrote out nonsense lyrics like “doot doot doot” as a substitute of humming them in audio.

Last but not least, if you want to read about extra unsolved circumstances that aren’t traditional accurate criminal offense, go to

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