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There’s a ‘The Office’ Halloween scene you haven’t seen in years

There’s a ‘The Office’ Halloween scene you haven’t seen in years


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The Office castmates celebrate Halloween
The Business office castmates celebrate Halloween

Picture: NBC

By Proma Khosla

It truly is the time of calendar year to rewatch our favorite Television set Halloween episodes, but any person rewatchingThe Office environmentPeriod six on Netflix may well observe the holiday getaway is suspiciously absent. 

But this just isn’t a Netflix detail, as some retailers have just lately claimed the Halloween scene from Season six, episode eight (“Koi Pond”) was minimize from the episode a long time back.

The 2009 episode at first opened with a scene of the Dunder Mifflin warehouse remodeled into a haunted home (like Jim’s well known “Bookface” costume). Michael ruins it at the close while seeking to send a concept to the going to young children.

(Written content warning: depiction of suicide)

The scene’s ending was criticized even 10 decades back and immediately removed from the episode in any reruns or long run streaming versions (NBC will start its own streamer, Peacock, in 2020). It was no longer part of the episode by the time the DVD box set went on sale in 2010. 

Interestingly, the officialTheBusinessYouTube account uploaded the clip (above) two a long time in the past to celebrate Halloween, resurfacing the clip amidBusinessnostalgia as bonus footage rather than content material which was considered inappropriate when it at first aired.

So if you haveThe Officeon your Halloween watchlist, you can constantly look at the YouTube clip in advance of diving into “Koi Pond.” Or, you know, do not! Your BookFace Jim Halloween costume nevertheless rocks.

The Office environmentis at present streaming on Netflix.

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