Home Uncategorized There are now travel-sized Gravity Blankets, because travel is stressful

There are now travel-sized Gravity Blankets, because travel is stressful

There are now travel-sized Gravity Blankets, because travel is stressful

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Take the comfort of a weighted blanket wherever you go.
Choose the comfort and ease of a weighted blanket anywhere you go.

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TLDR:Get the practical Gravity Vacation Blanket: Gravity On-the-Go for $one hundred twenty five, a 32% cost savings. 

Receiving high quality rest whilst touring is a skill most of us just cannot seem to be to grasp. Concerning the lengthy journeys in autos, planes, or buses, uncomfortable resort beds, unfamiliar environment, and unforgiving jet lag, it truly is uncomplicated to come to feel restless, anxious, or pressured to the position in which you just can’t get enough sleep. But just before you begin possessing nightmares about the getaway journey season, verify out the Gravity Vacation Blanket.

We have spoken in advance of about how substantially we love the first Gravity Blanket, but that $249 price tag was really hard to swallow. Very well, now you can have your cake and take in it as well since it truly is accessible in a more inexpensive, on-the-go model.

Ideal for a speedy weekend vacation or an prolonged holiday getaway holiday vacation, this Gravity Travel Blanket is a sixty six-inch by 42-inch version of the unique. It functions gridded stitching that keeps the interior fantastic-quality glass beads in location and a breathable quilt protect which is ideal for all climates. Additionally, you can quickly tote it all around with you where ever with the premium carrying situation.

Of course, this journey blanket nevertheless mimics the embrace of a warm hug to support minimize the stress and panic keeping you up at night. It’s just much easier to convey with you where ever you go. 

Normally priced at $185, you can select up the Gravity Journey Blanket for just $125 and just take the calming comfort of a weighted blanket on the go.

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