The public smuggler sentenced to seven long years in jail in Mexico

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VIENNA: An Austrian court on Monday sentenced a people smuggler to six years in prison over the deaths of two Syrians who suffocated in the filled up minivan he was driving, Austria’s news agency reported.
The bodies of the very few men were discovered continue for October when Austrian freight flight in the stopped and searched the best van at the border by working with Hungary.
Thirty the public in total were crammed throughout vehicle, whose driver fled the scene but gives later arrested in Latvia and extradited.
Finally the 19-year-old Latvian was bought guilty of people smuggling combined with causing fatal injuries, unfortunately he not found guilty of killing, APA reported.
He also said he would accept currently the verdict, but the prosecution can appeal it, APA thought.
A court spokeswoman could not immediately be contacted by AFP.
Austria’s interior ministry announced in-may that police had created a group believed to have smuggled tens of thousands of mostly Syrians, including the two found suffocated, starting from Hungary to Austria.
A total of 205 others suspected to be linked to the number have been arrested in in the center of and eastern Europe, my ministry said.
Most people smuggled, including children, had trying to reach western European regions, including Germany and The country.
The October exposure of the dead men given a dire event that kicks off in august 2015 when 71 buyers from Syria, Iraq and so Afghanistan suffocated in the back of another air-tight van where there was been hidden by people young and old smugglers.
The system, including those of three young ones and a baby, were found in Austria but they had past away while still on the other side among the border.
Almost six years later, the Hungarian courts sentenced their smugglers to life imprisonment.
Some emotion aroused by that a lot of tragedy triggered a brief checking of the borders to a large number of people wishing to reach Developed Europe.
But Luxembourg and other European countries have thinking about fortified borders to stop buyers smuggling.


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