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The Funniest, Most Bewildering Short Videos on the YouTube Haiku Subreddit

The Funniest, Most Bewildering Short Videos on the YouTube Haiku Subreddit

TheYouTube Haiku subredditcollects very good videos up to 30 seconds prolonged. The ideal are occasionally amusing, often touching, occasionally bewildering. I’ve been a connoisseur of the genre for seven years. I’ve gathered my favorites under. They’re complete snack food—you assume you can have just one or two 10-second hits, but by the time you quit, you’ve expended fifty percent an hour. But not like scrolling Instagram, you stroll absent touched, improved, enriched, obsessed with how that one lady pronounces the phrase “handbag.”

There’s a specified blend of humor and “what the hell”-ness that does well on this subreddit. For example, this excerpt ofIron Chefsubmitted by consumernaive_springwater:

Isolated line readings, like this one from u/yeemeister, are a prevalent concept:

Some unusual-movie subreddits can get imply-spirited. Although that tone does exist on some r/YouTubeHaiku submissions, far more normally a movie is a celebration of the strange and the earnest. Like this submission from u/p6fitz, taken right from a boy’s YouTube channel, with none of the punchy edits additional to most submissions.

“Boy accomplishing anything silly” is a prevalent theme. As is a true-globe scenario with timing as best as any scripted farce. See each in this u/SirJacobTehgamarhsubmission.

Often the Reddit submission title entirely recontextualizes the video clip. This one particular was submitted as“My grandpa on his new Dell.”

One particular sort of recontextualization is an try, genuine or joking, to reveal what bewilders us. Why did that actor supply the line that way? Why is that boy or girl behaving so oddly? Why are the personnel in u/AitkenGG’s submissionchipping away uselessly at a crosswalk? It’s achievable this is a flawlessly sensible way to tough up the stripes on a crosswalk so they are recognizable by the contact of a cane. But it is funny to utilize online video video game logic, and say they are accomplishing development theAge of Empiresway.

Enjoy enough of these, and you get started to see that a limited movie is qualitatively unique from a lengthy one. The same guidelines of pacing do not apply. Most two-moment comedy sketches would be a lot enhanced by cutting out 90 seconds. See this thriving little bit submitted by u/jcs1994j. It has just enough time to get funny, remain amusing, and cut out.

Online video online games can explain to a special form of tale that videos usually just can’t: one particular the place the hero definitively and humiliatingly loses.

I assume we forget about how numerous imaginative idioms (the classification broader than a genre but extra unique than a medium) ended up invented by world-wide-web memes. There was no home, in the past, for particular sorts of joke. At the time the technologies was there, it could unlock all sorts of prior content for comedic reinterpretation. Consider this example posted byWighen18:

Some haiku, like this a single submitted by u/generalmaks, are 3 seconds prolonged. They could have been Vines, if Vine experienced lasted very long sufficient.

Some haiku have atongoing on. It is outstanding that all this takes place in 11 seconds:

Some make a point pretty succinctly. Some can change persons to socialism in 6 seconds.

Often a haiku sits at the finish of a for a longer time video. Like the previous 10 seconds of this clip, submitted byMonatok91:

There is a controversial subset of videos that are justiterations of a recurring meme. Several of them ride on recognition much more than genuine humor. This online video, submitted by u/MonkeyStrings, is basically humorous. But it demands that you’re common with the online video“Duck Military.”So observe that, then this.

Like the pretend soccer sponsorships over, this movie (submitted byThisIs_MyName) rides on the humor of a tiny gibberish. It is as intricate as a fart joke, but I dare you to claim it’s not funny.

Not all of the movies are about humor. The famous “takes a pet like no problem” bodega cat clip, submitted by u/Derpazard, is simply just cozy.

This video clip (submitted by u/Josephthebear) is in the same way unassuming. It may possibly completely fail to curiosity you. Or it might heat you like a blanket. There is practically nothing fancy or garish right here, just an appreciation of the tiniest particular quirk. The best YouTube remark on this video is “He appears like a awesome guy.” Again, this is a story only tellable inside the medium of short world wide web videos.

These films are a window into a entire world. They revel in the deficiency of context, even as they deliver their personal. Our last illustration, though, comes with a backstory.

Right afterTeckhamposted this online video,SarudeDandstromcommented with an clarification, copied from the YouTube uploader. The blond boy in the grey sweater experienced pissed off the faculty by bragging about his chess prowess, and promising to conquer Luke, the boy with dim hair. To settle issues, the college organized a chess match for charity. And goodness prevailed.

There is unlimited leisure on r/youtubehaiku. But if the range dizzies you, and you want to drill down on sure thoughts: For films where by anything goes to shit at at the time, check outr/AbruptChaos. For video clips the place someone is emotionally gutted, stop byr/WatchPeopleDieInside. For a thing even shorter, go tor/gif,r/gifs,r/reactiongifs, andr/HighQual

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