The EPA Sends Half-Assed Thanksgiving Message About Food Waste

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It’s no solution that the Environmental Defense Company (EPA) below Donald Trumppresentszerofucksabout the earth. So visualize the irony of EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler urging Us citizens to “fill bellies, not landfills this Thanksgiving.”

However that is just the concept Wheeler sent Wednesday morning about the food items waste that usually accompanies my beloved holiday break. Each individual Thanksgiving, 172 million lbs of turkey are wasted, alongside with 35 million lbs of cranberry sauce and thirty million pounds of gravy,in accordance to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Basis. That is, uh, a total ton of meals. And it all winds up in landfills the place it contributes to methane emissions.

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There is practically nothing improper with Wheeler contacting out the disgusting way we squander food items every Thanksgiving. What’s improper is that nowhere in this assertion does the company mention climate modify. Viewers have to squint to catch a point out of the url among foods squander and the weather disaster: “Landfills are the 3rd biggest supply of human-associated methane emissions in the United States,” the assertion reads. And which is seriously the only time we see this connection. As an alternative, the press release goes on about “those less fortunate” who suffer from food insecurity as nevertheless the agency truly cares about themost susceptible in our nation.

I signify, seem at this load-of-shit quote from Wheeler in the assertion:

“One way to act on the gratitude we come to feel this holiday getaway year is to use food items without having squander. By squandering a lot less and feeding men and women rather of filling landfills, we’re preserving our ecosystem, caring for people fewer lucky, and supporting our community communities.”

You know how we can actually maintain the surroundings?By lowering greenhouse gas emissions.Caring for those people fewer fortunate? Perhaps we really should start out bymuch better regulatingthe industries that pollute the air and water in communities of coloration. And you know what, Wheeler? Supporting neighborhood communities involves really meeting with them alternatively of, say,sector assholes.

I bet industry goons are all raising a glass to Wheeler (and Trump, for that matter) this holiday break season. As for me? I’m grateful we could only have 1 calendar year left of these clowns and their phony environmentalism if Trump loses the el

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