Sunday, November 29, 2020

The 2022 Subaru BRZ is a New Sports Car Designed to Stand Out in an SUV World

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  1. A brand new sports car doesn’t come around very often. Especially an affordable one like the BRZ, expect to see Toyota unveil the new 86 very soon. We’re looking forward to seeing how that new 2.4L feels, do you believe Subaru should have gone the turbo route with a higher price tag? Or are you happy they elected to leave it naturally aspirated?

  2. Subaru said they couldn't fit a turbo flat 4 because of the way the turbo sits. It's under the engine so they would have had to raise the engine thereby raising the center of gravity and thus would have affected the handling

  3. As an owner of a first year, I've really been looking forward to the new BRZ, and I can't wait to drive it and feel the improvements. However, unless the aftermarket makes some better looking bumpers and tail lights, I'll just stick with my 1st gen, cause this thing is UGLY in my opinion. Which I find odd, because I believe the first gen's to be one of the most beautiful designs in the world. Still after over 5 years of owner ship I find myself staring back at my car, even with the flaws and dents, like "Damn. She's sexy!". Sadly, I don't get that vibe from the new one. Now that 22B sitting over there… that thing gives me goosebumps!!


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