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Tesla’s Cybertruck window fail is funnier every time you watch it

Tesla’s Cybertruck window fail is funnier every time you watch it

Tesla head Elon Musk after he lost his dick-swinging contest.
Tesla head Elon Musk just after he shed his dick-swinging contest.

Impression: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP by way of Getty Illustrations or photos

By Brian Koerber

Sometimes significant unveils will not always go to strategy.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the phase in Los Angeles Thursday evening to present off the firm’s to start with electrical pickup truck. Like all marketing stunts from Musk, the showy occasion was extremely anticipated, but the keynote didn’tpreciselygo to plan. 

As if displaying off a major fucking steel truck wasn’t by now proof of a dick-measuring contest, Tesla imagined it would be a fantastic concept to display off the longevity of its new Cybertruck. So, they defeat it with a sledgehammer and threw steel balls at the windows, which Musk claimed ended up “bulletproof.” 

Just after a remarkable unveiling that provided fireballs and smoke, Musk introduced out the company’s guide designer, Franz von Holzhausen, who walked onto the stage keeping an orange sledgehammer and dressed in a T-shirt for all to see his huge guns. 

“Will not maintain again,” Musk advised Franz, who then smashed a frequent truck’s doorway together with the Cybertruck’s door with his big boy hammer. 

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Telsa’s truck didn’t even register a scratch, even though the regular truck doorway was left with a significant dent. 

“You want a truck that is tough. You want a truck that’s seriously challenging. Not pretend difficult,” Musk reported, having a dig at Ford’s slogan “Built Ford Challenging.”

Finally, Musk bought to the matter that likely no a single was concerned about: the Cybertruck’s windows. “What about the glass? Seems like a vulnerability,” Musk claimed. 

The group then dropped metallic balls on panes of regular automobile glass, which predictably shattered, and Tesla’s armored glass, which did not. Musk then requested Franz to toss his massive metallic balls at the Cybertruck. 

“You confident?” Franz responded, as if he understood how this was likely to close.

“Oh my fucking god.”

With a light-weight toss, Franz shattered the truck’s driver-facet window, eliciting an “Oh my fucking god,” from a clearly stunned Musk.

Franz then had the vibrant notion to try the exact stunt on the rear window, even although Musk was obviously not convinced it was going to maintain up. 

“Let’s consider the other one,” Franz mentioned with a smile on his deal with.

“Let’s test the other one? Genuinely?” Musk responded.


Striving to be optimistic, Musk observed that the balls did not goby way ofthe truck’s home windows, which is suitable. But nonetheless, this is not a excellent look. Musk then admitted that perhaps the windows want a very little little bit of work. 

Looking at the celebration was livestreamed for all to see, the reactions on the web were swift and brutal. 

OMG the @Tesla cybertruck unveil just went insanely wrong. In a demo of the new Tesla glass in the windows, they just managed to smash Both equally facet home windows. Elon is gonna toss any individual into his shark tank. pic.twitter.com/pi805xDh9W

— Jason Griffey (@griffey) November 22, 2019

In all fairness to Tesla, the firmhadto prove thatits hideous-ass truck is resilient. Apart from the Tesla fans that will obtain anything Musk touches, the people that are actually are likely to use this detail will need a durable truck that can get a beating. And those folks in all probability require some convincing that an all-electric truck can stand on the same floor as their gasoline-guzzling hunk of metallic. 

While I am not going to bash Musk for seeking to make improvements to one thing, the issue about automotive glass is that it truly is truly very great. And there are certain predicaments the place you WANT your home windows or even your windshield to shatter safely, this kind of as in an incident. What if you accidentally drove your motor vehicle into a system of drinking water, and your doorways had been jammed? What if your automobile was pinned concerning two trees and the only way for emergency companies to conserve you was to split the glass. 

The Cybertruck is not going to even go into manufacturing until finally late 2021. So, uh, looks like they have some time to determine out the complete window point. 

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