Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Real Giraffes Used in Emotional Scene of The Last of Us Finale

The Last of Us Finale Used a Real and Trained Giraffes for Its Most Tender Scene
Even fans of the original video game series were thrilled to see a giraffe make its major entrance in the dramatic season 1 ending of The Last of Us, which still has us in a state of shock over some unexpected revelations and appearances. Even though it was just a short scene, fans of both […]

Indonesia Stadium Crush: 2 Released, 1 Officer Jailed

Verdicts likely to add to anguish of the victims' families who had already questioned the fairness of court proceedings.

“11 Dead in Colombian Coal Mine Explosion”

Regional governor says 100 rescue workers have been deployed to try to free 10 miners trapped underground.

“Best Horror Movies of All Time: Top 10 List with 2023 Updates”

Top 10 Best Horror Movies
It seems strange that scary movies are so fun to watch. Why do we enjoy scaring the hell out of ourselves so much? “Fear is good in small amounts,” said author Neil Gaiman. It's kind of like going to a haunted house. Once you get to the other side, you know you will be safe. […]

Jehovah’s Witness Hall Shooting in Germany Causes Sorrow and Shock

Some want more gun restrictions after a man shot and killed seven people at a place of worship in Hamburg on Thursday.

Robert Blake, ‘Baretta’ Star, Dies at 89!

Robert Blake death
Robert Blake, who played roles in movies like “In Cold Blood,” “Coast to Coast,” and “Lost Highway,” has died. The star who caused a lot of trouble died at the age of 89. The TV and movie actor's life went downhill after he was found not guilty of killing his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. […]

“Few ‘Bad Guys’ Prosecution Won’t Heal Lebanon’s Wounds”

Delivering true justice to Beirut blast victims and preventing the repeat of such a tragedy requires systemic change.


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