Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Top Action Favorites on DIRECTV Now to Amp Up Your Downtime!

Are you someone who anxiously waits for the new movie lineup? Or do you enjoy walking down memory lane by revisiting past favorites to relive those memories of pure bliss and joy once again? Though most movie channels reveal their lineup, just as the new season is around the corner, sometimes the menu doesn’t hold […]

Malawi’s President Seeks Urgent Aid Following Cyclone Freddy.

In interview with Al Jazeera, Lazarus Chakwera calls for international help as death toll from Cyclone Freddy tops 300.

Bacardi Dance Challenge on TikTok: Latest Trend Explained!

Bacardi Dance Challenge on TikTok
TikTok has come up with a new challenge that is making people all over the world laugh. The platform is known for starting new and exciting trends, many of which have been dance-based. Users all over the world have danced their hearts out to the viral tracks, whether it was the Wiggle Wiggle challenge or […]

Cyclone Freddy strikes Mozambique again, leaving one dead

After swirling in the southern Indian Ocean for 34 days, Freddy is set to become the longest-lasting cyclone on record.

“Cyclone Freddy Approaches Mozambique, Bringing Heavy Rain and Strong Winds”

The cyclone, one of the strongest storms recorded in the southern hemisphere, previously hit Mozambique in February.

“Books Inspiring Shadow and Bone Season 2?”

Which Books Is Shadow and Bone Season 2 Based on
Shadow and Bone season 2 really can't come fast enough! The highly-anticipated next episode of the popular Netflix fantasy series will come out on March 16, 2023. We cannot wait! We can expect to see the all-powerful Sun Summoner Alina, played by Jessie Mei Li, and her best friend and (hopefully) love interest Mal, played […]

Delusion Week: TikTok’s Latest Trend

What is Delusion Week
Things like getting up early, doing a full skincare routine, making your bed, and going to the gym before work all sound like good ideas at the time, but they are hard to do every day. This is where the idea of a “delusion week” comes in. TikTok users are challenging themselves to do things […]


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