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Water Found in Glass Beads on Moon by Scientists

Analysis of lunar soil samples shows spheres of glass hold water inside them, scientists have said.

Mattress Mack’s Furniture Empire: Unbelievable Net Worth!

Mattress Mack is an American businessman who owns the Gallery Furniture Retail Chain. He has made movies like Sidekicks and has also been in many commercials. He also wrote Always Think Big with two other people. He is also a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement. Mack Mattress was born in Mississippi on February […]

Twitter source code leaked online, per court documents

Portions of the pc code used to run Twitter were leaked online, according to court filings, marking the…

Baby Yoda’s Feet in The Mandalorian: Do They Exist?

Yoda and Yaddle are all of the same kind as Baby Yoda. But there is something strange about the way Baby Yoda looks: he doesn't seem to have any feet, while Yoda and Yaddle do. So, does he have feet, or do members of this mysterious species get them later in life? Baby Yoda has […]

Mississippi devastated by fatal tornadoes

At least 26 dead in Mississippi after the deadliest tornadoes in more than a decade tear through the southern US state.

NATO Condemns Putin’s ‘Dangerous’ Nuclear Rhetoric

Kyiv seeks UN Security Council meeting after Putin announces his country will station tactical nuclear arms in Belarus.

Hong Kong’s First Protest in Years Under New Rules by Residents

Police grant organisers a 'no objection' letter on condition they ensure the protest does not violate security laws.


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