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Objectivity’s Future: The Battle Ahead

Criticism of The New York Times's coverage of trans rights reveals the problem with claiming objectivity in journalism.

Prostate Cancer Treatment: Watchful Waiting Recommended for Most Men, Study Finds

An examination reveals lengthy-time period proof that actively monitoring localized prostate cancer can be a safe alternative to…

Glory Part 2 Ending: Did Dong-Eun Get Revenge?

It began with a revenge story, with dark clouds and an unhealthy obsession. The first installment of this revenge thriller was a complete mess since there were so many events happening at once. The second installment of The Glory has just arrived on Netflix. It’s back with a vengeance thanks to Dong-Eun’s obsession & cunning […]

Clickers in The Last of Us: Another Type of Zombie Explained

In the TV show The Last of Us, zombie-like people called “the infected” have taken over the world. These poor unfortunate people are infected with cordyceps, a mutated fungus that takes control of its victims and turns them into wild, cannibalistic creatures. Some people managed to stay alive, and the TV show The Last of […]

Freedom House: Global Freedom Recession May Be Improving

US-based group says despite overall global decline for 17th year in 2022, net improvement may be on the horizon.

“Last of Us: Alec’s Identity and Joel’s Crime”

Ellie encounters David, the leader of a small village, in episode 8 of The Last of Us, and learns that Joel killed one of his men, Alec. David is the leader of a close-knit group in the city of Silver Lake. David, a preacher, reads a passage from the Bible to calm his people and, […]

Jeffrey Pierce Reveals Pedro Pascal Wasn’t First Choice for Joel in “The Last of Us”

Jeffrey Pierce, the star of “The Last of Us,” says that Mahershala Ali was almost cast as Joel. The Last of Us on HBO has been called the gold standard for movies based on video games by many people. So far, the show's eight episodes have done a great job of both amazing and entertaining […]


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