Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Ecuador Quake Kills 13, Peru 1, Causes Damage

Magnitude 6.7 earthquake shakes coastal Guayas region, damaging homes and buildings.

Anna’s Death in The Last of Us: An Explanation

The Last of Us’s climax takes place in the past, where we meet Ellie’s mother Anna & learn what happened to her and why Marlene ended up raising Ellie. Anna is played by Ashley Johnson. Anna is first seen in the first minutes of the final chapter of The Last of Us. She is with […]

The Last of Us Ep. 8: How Does the Ending Differ from the Game?

How is the Last of Us Episode 8's Ending Different From Its Game Version
The Last of Us episode 8 on HBO changes a few things from the video game. The first season of The Last of Us shows how much Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann wanted to stay true to the video game. With only one episode left, fans of the video game are looking forward to the […]

West Bank General Strike After Israeli Raid Kills 6 in Jenin

Businesses shut in a number of cities in the occupied West Bank in protest against Tuesday's raid in Jenin.

“Last of Us: Alec’s Identity and Joel’s Crime”

Ellie encounters David, the leader of a small village, in episode 8 of The Last of Us, and learns that Joel killed one of his men, Alec. David is the leader of a close-knit group in the city of Silver Lake. David, a preacher, reads a passage from the Bible to calm his people and, […]

David in Last of Us Ep. 8: Friend or Foe? Let’s Find Out!

Who is David
In The Last of Us episode 8, David and his group are introduced to the story. They are a new group of bad guys for the next-to-last episode of the HBO adaptation. After episodes 6 and 7 of The Last of Us focused on Ellie's attempts to save Joel's life after he was hurt, episode […]

HBO to Adapt The Last of Us Video Game Ending: Latest News!

The Last of Us
The end of HBO's The Last of Us is coming up quickly, and a new hint from one of the show's main stars suggests that it will be controversial. The highly-talked-about HBO show has been praised week after week for its great story, great acting from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, and scenes that are […]


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