Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tag: detention


“Warfare’s Use of Rape Against Asylum Seekers”

Disturbing reports of sexual assault in the Darién Gap reveal yet another horrifying aspect of border warfare.

Braverman to Discuss Migration Deal in Rwanda

Several lawsuits have been filed to stop the conservative government from acting on a deportation agreement with Rwanda.

Mozambique urged to investigate police tear gas at rapper’s funeral

The rights group says that riot police fired tear gas to disperse a peaceful funeral procession held for rapper Azagaia.

Iranian-Swedish Dissident’s Death Sentence Upheld by Court

Habib Farajollah Chaab was convicted for allegedly leading group that bombed Ahvaz military parade in 2018.

Peru’s Ex-President Castillo Remains in Pretrial Detention: Judge Extends

The former president will now serve 36 months as he awaits trial on charges including rebellion and organised crime.

‘Hunger Strike at ICE Detention Centers Over ‘Slave Wages”

Participants say poor living conditions and wages of $1 a day have pushed them to launch the weeks-long protest.


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