Thursday, March 23, 2023

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US and UK’s Justification for Iraq Invasion

What were the reasons given for the Iraq war, and how do they stand up today?

Significance of ICC’s Arrest Warrant for Putin

Russian president charged with war crime by the International Criminal Court over deportations of Ukrainian children.

China Keeps Central Bank Governor in Surprising Move

Analysts say Yi Gang's reappointment is aimed at boosting confidence as China faces stiff challenges abroad and at home.

Failed $32.5m theft at Chile airport leaves 2 dead

A firefight broke out at the Santiago airport when a group of armed men attempted to seize a large shipment of cash.

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Low: EU Report

Diminished ice cover is a major concern because it helps accelerate global warming.

Irma Serrano, Iconic “La Tigresa,” Dies at Age 89!

Irma Serrano's Death
Irma Serrano, a famous Mexican actress, singer, and politician, died at the age of 89. She passed the morning of March 1, 2023, in Tuxtla Guti√©rrez, Chiapas, Mexico, after having a huge heart attack. Serrano was a pioneer in the ranchera and corrido music styles. Her seductive voice earned her the nickname “La Tigresa.” She […]

Left Party Quits Nepal Coalition: Reports

The Marxist-Leninist party pulls out of ruling alliance after Maoist PM backs opposition candidate for the presidency.


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