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Objectivity’s Future: The Battle Ahead

Criticism of The New York Times's coverage of trans rights reveals the problem with claiming objectivity in journalism.

“Few ‘Bad Guys’ Prosecution Won’t Heal Lebanon’s Wounds”

Delivering true justice to Beirut blast victims and preventing the repeat of such a tragedy requires systemic change.

Why “Zombie” Was Taboo on the Set of “The Last of Us”

Eben Bolter, who was in charge of the show's cinematography, said that the word “Zombie” was not allowed on the set of The Last of Us while it was being filmed. This was done to keep the show's real focus front and centre. The hit HBO show is based on Naughty Dog's hit franchise, and […]

50% of global population to be overweight or obese by 2035

The World Obesity Federation predicts that 51 percent of the world will be overweight, and 1 in 4 people will be obese.

6 Factors That Impact the Duration of Your THC-O Dose

6 Factors That Decide How Long Your THC-O Dose Will Last: When it comes to using THC-O, one…

Iraq Constitutional Reform: Avoiding Past Errors

Iraqi citizens and their grievances need to be taken into account in this new attempt to change the Iraqi constitution.


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