Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tag: atrocities


ICC Arrest Warrants’ Impact on Putin: Q&A

Court President Piotr Hofmanski says the Russian president can be arrested if he travels to ICC member countries.

War’s Impact on Ukraine’s Independent Media: Breaking News

Independent news has been transformed but is also facing a crisis in Ukraine, say reporters, as the invasion continues.

S Korea Appeals Ruling on Vietnam War Massacre Victim Compensation

Court had ruled that Nguyen Thi Thanh be compensated for injuries sustained during a mass killing by S Korean soldiers.

‘Zelenskyy condemns Russian ‘murderers’ after warrior’s brutal death’

Investigation urged after video on social media apparently shows Russian troops executing Ukraine soldier.

Russia Envoy Blames West for Ukraine’s Misery, Denies Atrocities

Russian ambassador to UK Andrey Kelin said the killing of civilians in Ukraine's Bucha was 'staged' by Ukrainian forces.


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