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‘Surviving R. Kelly Part II’: What Terrifying Promise Does Jerhonda Pace Say She Made to R. Kelly? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

‘Surviving R. Kelly Part II’: What Terrifying Promise Does Jerhonda Pace Say She Made to R. Kelly? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

InSurviving R. Kelly Portion II: The Reckoning, like the before Lifetime 3-section docuseries, R&B singer R. Kelly’s accusers spoke out about their allegedly abusive ordeals with him. The allegations from Kelly, a lot of of which require minors and all of which he has denied, date all the way again to 1991. 

In Part II of the docuseries, 24-yr-old Jerhonda Pace detailed her sexual abuse accusations against Kelly, like a disturbing suicide pact she says he compelled her to concur to. 

R. Kelly
R. Kelly | Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Jerhonda Tempo fulfilled Kelly at fifteen

Rate, initially a lover of Kelly’s, at first supported the singer in the course of one of his trials for little one pornography costs. But everything transformed following she achieved him on a tour bus when she was 15. She alleges that his sexual abuse against her started when she was sixteen. 

The graduate student, now a author and married mom of a few, explained her childhood sexual abuse still left her vulnerable to predators later on in life. “Honestly, I experienced under no circumstances obtained counseling from everything I’ve been as a result of, from currently being molested at age 4, 6, and 8, to then Rob, he abused me all over again at 16. So abuse was my comfort and ease zone. It really did injury me,” Pace claimed. 

When she was in large faculty, Rate reported she realized she had a “nonchalant mom,” “one of all those that didn’t treatment.” “Nobody in my lifetime experienced valued me,” she shared.

It was that heritage, as well as Kelly’s stories about being sexually abused himself as a youngster, that designed her bond with the singer. “When I began out with Rob, I did not get this overly sexual man. It was additional, ‘I treatment about you. You have been by way of this, and I want to shield you from all of that things,” she claimed, incorporating that he promised her “security” and “protection.” 

Tempo alleged the R&B singer frequently abused her

But following her sexual relationship with Kelly began, Speed explained toSurviving R. Kelly Part IIproducers that factors took a dim transform speedily. 

“I did not hope him to be this monster. I did not expect him to be so evil,” she lamented.

Rate claimed that when she broke Kelly’s “rules,” which involved all the things from heading to the toilet or ingesting h2o to speaking to some others devoid of his authorization, she gained severe physical punishments, from starvation to beatings. 

“Every time that Rob would flip out, it would generally consequence in him starting to be physical with me. I knew I couldn’t defend myself because if I hit him, it would be worse. If I say something, it would be worse,” the creator claimed. “It’s a really messed up issue, but it is what I grew up all around, and I truly feel like which is why I ended up with Rob.” 

Tempo also hinted that Kelly’s sophisticated partnership with his mother could possibly have led him to lash out from gals in abusive strategies. “He do not like women. He treats gals so badly since he has a dislike for them,” she mentioned.

The alleged survivor claimed R. Kelly produced her make a suicide pact

Most shockingly, Tempo even claimed Kelly pushed her to concur to finish her daily life if she at any time had to stay with out him. “With Rob, I was aspect of a suicide pact with him,” she discussed emotionally. “And if anything was to come about to him, if he was to go to jail or anyone was to damage him, I was intended to get rid of myself.”

Tempo alleged that Kelly even had a specific strategy for how she could carry out the “pact” if it at any time came time. 

“When the suicide pact arrived about, Rob and I was in the mirror place, and he told me that if I was almost everything to him like that I say he is, that there would be no lifestyle worthy of living, you know, if a thing was to take place to him,” she claimed. “He’s like, ‘If something transpires to me, I want you to just take these drugs.’” 

Rate stated he remaining the pills in a pocket in a match of his so she could retrieve them. “He claimed, this is what you do. This is a suicide pact.” 

And mainly because she was so broken down immediately after many years of alleged abuse from Kelly and others, Pace explained she was at last inclined to finish it all. “When I was with him I was definitely ready to take my have lifetime for the reason that Rob, he was every little thing to me. Like, Rob was my existence,” she confessed.

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