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CBS News has confirmed that two of the 157 people killed in the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash were from Redding.

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now dot com.### cbs news confirms that two of the 157 people killed in an ethiopian airlin3es plane crash were from redding. brothers melvin and bennett riffle were on board are among eight americans who died in the crash. as teri okita reports, it's boeing's second deadly accident in five monthys involving a 737 max-8 jet. pkg (track 1) (afp video) search crews recovered the black boxes from ethiopian flight 302 (reuters) in a debris field near ethiopia's capital. the new, boeing 737 max-8 jet was (afp video) enroute to nairobi, kenya - where some of the passengers were scheduled to (reuters) attend a united nations conference. pkg (track 2) at the u-n meeting monday - (afp video) staff members observed a moment of silence to honor 19 colleagues who died. nat pop......crash site (track 3) (aptn) eight americans were among the victims of sunday's crash. passengers came from 35- countries. (cbc material) canadian mohamed ali lost his sister, amina who died with her five year old daughter. (sot - mohamed ali/victim's brother) (too fast to super) (cbc) (podesta pkg) "everybody loved her. she was friends with (track 4) (reuters) it's the second deadly crash involving a boeing 737 max in less than five months. last year, 189-people were killed when a lion air flight went down off the coast of indonesia. investigators will be looking into apparent similarities between the two incidents. (graphic) in both, the pilots reported technical problems. the two planes appeared to struggle to gain altitude before making a steep nosedive and crashing less than 15- minutes after take-off. (track 5) (ap images) a preliminary report on october's lion air crash finds that the pilots fought to control the plane when the automatic safety system malfunctioned. (sot - steve wallace/former faa accident investigation director) (cbs (van cleve pkg) "i would not be reluctant to get on a 737 max, but i assure you, the manufacturer is terribly, terribly concerned about this." (track 6) (boeing handout) about 350 737 max jets are in service around the world. in the u-s, american, southwest, and united airlines fly more than 60 of the planes. none of the carriers has announced plans to ground them. teri okita, cbs news.


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