SpaceX Starlink satellites streak throughout Kingston skies – Kingston News – Kingstonist According to the site, a brighter viewing will also be attainable on April 23, despite the fact that at a decidedly much less convenient hour for most Kingstonians: four:36 a.m.

This satellite teach is composed of Starlink groups 5 and six. Starlink is a group of satellites owned by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, with a mentioned reason of supplying broadband web provider to any area on Earth. SpaceX has so significantly released hundreds of satellites into low Earth orbit, with a target of about 12,000 of the fridge-sized objects in coming years.

The satellites are unusually reflective for their sizing, prompting some experts to warn that they could eventually make some astronomical work, this kind of as in the vicinity of-Earth asteroid monitoring, a lot more complicated. SpaceX has indicated that it is performing on correcting the problem.