‘Soye huay hain ap sab’: Watch PM Imran Khan’s fascinating response at an occasion

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan was upset not too long ago when his aides and different viewers members didn’t clap at an vital announcement.

The prime minister was talking on the groundbreaking ceremony of the Central Business District in Lahore on Friday when he spoke concerning the estimated income which the undertaking will earn for Pakistan.

To his disappointment, nobody clapped.

“According to the estimates, Rs6,000bn in wealth will be generated,” mentioned the prime minister. “Rs6,000bn. I think all of you in front of me had a late night [yesterday] because you all seem asleep to me since no one clapped at the announcement that Rs6,000bn will be generated here,” he added.

“Aleem Khan you should especially be knowing about these things since you are a businessman,” he added.