‘School of Rock’ star Rivkah Reyes on how youngster fame led to ‘raging’ dependancy

Rivkah Reyes, who starred in School of Rock as a kid, reflects on how child stardom led to addiction.

Rivkah Reyes, who starred in School of Rock as a child, displays on how youngster stardom led to dependancy. (Photo: Everett Collection/Rivkah Reyes through Instagram)

Child star Rivkah Reyes is opening up about the price of fame at a younger age, a well timed matter given the dialog launched after Framing Britney Spears.

Reyes, who performed bass participant Katie in 2003’s School of Rock, defined to The New York Post how being sexualized at a younger age took a toll on them later in life. (The actor makes use of the gender-neutral pronouns they/them.) It additionally led to dependancy and self-harm.

Reyes landed the position within the Jack Black movie at age 10. They mentioned they quickly “felt unsafe existing,” explaining they really feel a “kind of parallel” to Britney Spears’s story. After taking part in the schoolgirl onscreen, grown males began commenting about how they could not “wait ’til she’s 18” on web message boards. One man tried to take photos of them in sixth grade whereas in school, which turned an disagreeable place for a lot of causes.

“Especially after production wrapped, when I first came back to school, people were really nice or really mean. There was no middle ground,” Reyes recalled. “I was literally followed around the school with people chanting ‘School of Rock.’”

Reyes turned “a raging addict,” utilizing meals, medicine, intercourse, alcohol and self-harm as coping mechanisms from ages 14 to 24, per the Post. Reyes was satisfied they’d by no means be something however “the girl from School of Rock.” They hoped if they may land an even bigger position within the business, the bullying would cease.

But Reyes, now 28, has no regrets about doing the movie.

“It was nothing but love and support,” Reyes mentioned of the expertise. “I have never lost gratitude for that, or wish that I wasn’t part of it.”

In reality, the School of Rock children all communicate. Reyes shared that there’s a group textual content with the actors and the previous co-stars have had numerous reunions by means of the years.

Now, Reyes is concentrated on their subsequent chapter after overcoming “a lot of demons.” They will launch a podcast this spring known as Where Are We Now, which is able to give different youngster stars a platform.

“To quote Britney,” they mentioned, “I’m stronger than yesterday.”

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