Roger Waters of Pink Floyd calls Berlin concert controversy a ‘smear’


Roger Waters, the frontman of Pink Floyd, has stated that he is against fascism in all its forms following a controversy in Germany. Waters was investigated by Berlin police after images of him wearing a Nazi-style uniform at a concert circulated on social media. The police are investigating the “suspicion of incitement to public hatred” due to the clothing worn on stage. Waters’ performance has been accused of glorifying or justifying Nazi rule. Felix Klein, the German government’s commissioner on the fight against anti-Semitism, has called for Waters to be held accountable. However, Waters has defended his performance as anti-fascist and a statement against injustice and bigotry. He has spent his entire life speaking out against authoritarianism and oppression. Waters is a well-known pro-Palestinian activist who has been accused of holding anti-Jewish views. He denies these accusations, stating that he was protesting against Israeli policies, not Jewish people. Waters’ “This Is Not A Drill” tour has been controversial, with some city officials attempting to ban him from performing. His final German concert is due to take place in Frankfurt, with protesters planning to demonstrate outside the venue.