The child of a stateless family stands at their camp in an impoverished neighborhood of the Saudi capital Riyadh on July 10, 2013. The stateless nomads, known as bidoons, were originally traveling between Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan. The bidoons have long been marginalised and are not intitled to state-provided services and benefits. AFP PHOTO/FAYEZ NURELDINE /Getty Images The Francophone Association for Human Rights has called on Saudi Arabia to recognise stateless inhabitants, referred to in Arabic as “Bidoon,” as legal citizens with full rights, the non-profit organisation said in a statement on Wednesday. The organisation, also known as AFDH, urged the Saudi authorities to “stop the delay and procrastination” in resolving Bidoon’s decades-long problem. The Middle Eastern country has at least 70,000 stateless inhabitants that the authorities do not recognise as citizens or legal residents entitled to rights. They come primarily from the tribes of Qahtan Hamdan, Bani Khalid, and Anza, AFDH noted. Read: Iran FM calls on Saudi Arabia to engage in dialogue The statement included a list of requests that the organisation urged Saudi Arabia to implement. The requests include creating “a rapid and transparent mechanism to review” stateless inhabitants’ citizenship applications, as well as allowing “judicial review of naturalisation decisions” to “protect applicants from procedural errors or abuse of confidentiality rules while reviewing these applications.” The organisation stressed that importance of ensuring that Bidoons be granted full legal, economic, and social rights such as education; work; and the right to be granted civil documents like birth certificates, marriage deeds, and passports. As an “intermediate solution,” Bidoons may be granted temporary residence permits during the processing of their citizenship applications, according to AFDH. Sponsored Links . Gundry MD Top Doctor Reveals Personal “De-Bloating” RegimenGundry MD Download FigLeaf App How to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes?Download FigLeaf App DirectExpose Photoshop Didn’t Exist Back Then So Yes These Pictures Are RealDirectExpose EternalLifeStyle What Bernadette From "The Big Bang Theory" Looks Like in Real LifeEternalLifeStyle CompareCards By LendingTree Don’t Keep Using The Same Credit Card (Do This Instead)CompareCards By LendingTree Car Novels No One Buys These SUVs But They Are The Best On The MarketCar Novels


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