Home Uncategorized Restore online privacy with this killer Surfshark VPN Cyber Monday deal

Restore online privacy with this killer Surfshark VPN Cyber Monday deal

Restore online privacy with this killer Surfshark VPN Cyber Monday deal

Cyber Monday brings loads of great deals on the hottest tech devices of 2019, but you shouldn’t forget about discounts on valuable tools that will serve you for years to come. I’m talking about Surfshark VPN, which will provide privacy and anonymity while you traverse the online world. Instead of paying the full $323 price for a 27-month subscription, you can instead get it for just $47.76. That’s an 85% discount, and it brings the monthly price down to $1.77.


Surfshark VPN

Browse anonymously, securely, and with no geographic barriers. It works great on mobile, macOS, and Windows, and you can use it on an unlimited number of devices at once. Get this limited-time deal and protect yourself for over 2 years.

$47.76$322.65$275 off

Virtual private networks (VPN) are powerful tools that preserve privacy and anonymity while online. Any data sent from your computer, phone, or other device is shuttled through an encrypted tunnel where it’s delivered to the VPN server you’re connected to. This server has its own IP address and is shared with other users, so anyone watching will have a very hard time determining who is doing what. The encryption also helps protect against anyone attempting to take advantage of unprotected Wi-Fi; if you travel a lot and deal with hotel or cafe Wi-Fi, a VPN will be crucial in keeping out unwanted parties.

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There are a number of things to watch out for when choosing a VPN, and Surfshark checks most of the boxes. It has plenty of user-friendly features — a killswitch, DNS leak protection, strong encryption and protocols, and modern apps for popular devices — and it allows for unlimited devices to be connected simultaneously. It can also be used for (legal) P2P sharing and streaming for times when you’re out of the country and still want to watch your favorite TV show.

Surfshark VPN claims it does not log any user activity, and it operates under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands where data retention laws are lax. With more than 1,040 servers spread out over more than 61 locations, you should be able to find something that works for you no matter where you’re located.

Thanks to this Cyber Monday deal, 27 months of Surfshark VPN service is down to just $47.76, billed once. That works out to $1.77 per month, which is really a small price to pay for the privacy and anonymity you regain. If you’re not happy there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can even pay with cryptocurrency for further anonymity. PayPal and credit cards are also accepted.

After you restore some privacy to your online persona with this deal, don’t forget to check out our growing collection of Cyber Monday sales on all things tech and beyond.

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