PTI, PPP assault each other in Sindh Assembly ahead of senate elections

Just a day before senate elections, PPP and PTI assaults and accuse each other for kidnapping MPAs in Sindh Assembly. Sindh Assembly on Tuesday plunged into mayhem when members of the Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf assaulted each other on the assembly floor.

According to the reports, members from the opposition (PTI) and ruling party (PPP) had an intense argument including swearing at and beating each other.

Things heated up in the assembly when three dissidents of PTI entered the assembly hall with the PPP leaders. Three members Aslam Abro, Shehryar Khan, and Karim Baksh Gabol had earlier announced to vote for PPP in Senate elections.

PTI members reportedly attacked the dissident members that resulted in chaos. According to the parliamentarian, Nusrat Sehr Abbasi, PPP leader attacked Karim Baksh Gabol and other PTI members. She said that PPP retaliated when Baloch after discussion with PTI members agreed to go with them. PPP leaders tried to grab Baloch to his side.

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Meanwhile, the video circulating on social media shows, Baloch screaming that PPP leaders are trying to kidnap him. He said that he does not want to vote for PPP instead he wants to vote for PTI but the ruling party is forcing him to vote for their member.

A fierce argument between the leaders led up to scuffle and assault. The unpleasant incident is reported just a few days before the Senate elections. The elections are said to be a game-changer as all the parties are hotly contesting to gain a majority vote in Pakistan’s senate.

On Monday, Khurram Sher Zaman from PTI had claimed that PPP had kidnapped three members of their party ahead of the elections. All the opposition members have decided to stay in one place because of the security. All the members of PTI, GDA, and MQM will go together to vote for senate elections on Wednesday.

Sherzaman added that the numbers of missing members are switched off and even their families don’t know about their whereabouts.

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“These missing members told some of our members that they were being intimidated in various ways and were offered to sell votes a few days ago,” he said.

“We believe that the PPP government in Sindh has played this whole game,” Mr. Sher Zaman said, adding: “The statement was made by intimidating and pressuring Karim Bakhsh Gabol. We have no information about the whereabouts of Karim Bakhsh Gabol and the other two members.”