PTI MNA Faheem Khan admits being amongst these in Ali Haider Gilani’s video

PTI MNA Faheem Khan  has admitted that he’s amongst these current alongside Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son, Ali Haider Gilani, within the video that went viral on social media a day earlier than Senate elections.

Speaking to Geo News, lawmaker Faheem Khan mentioned he and PTI MNA Jamil Ahmed had been within the video. “We are Prime Minister Imran Khan’s soldiers,” he mentioned.

The lawmaker, responding to a query, mentioned he “did not shoot the video on anyone’s directives, and the party’s stance in this regard would soon be given.”

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PTI MNA Faheem Khan. — YouTube screengrab/File

To one other query, concerning how a lot cash the 2 MNAs accepted, Faheem Khan mentioned: “The people who take money do not appear before the public.”

Faheem vowed that the MNAs’ conscience is evident, and they might seem earlier than the Election Commission of Pakistan if summoned within the case.

The video

On March 2, a day earlier than the Senate elections, Haider Gilani’s video, allegedly instructing a lawmaker on how his vote will be wasted, had surfaced on social media.

At the time the video surfaced, it wasn’t potential to make out who Gilani was chatting with allegedly about losing the Senate vote.