Pakistani-American women appointed dean of Texas’s College of Business Administration

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Dr. Faiza Khoja, a Pakistani-American woman has been named the new dean of the A&M-Central Texas’s University of College of Business Administration.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Khoja to A&M-Central Texas,” noted Dr. Peg Gray Vickrey, A&M-Central Texas provost on university’s website. “Our College of Business Administration is proud of its undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Khoja’s experience and skillset compliments both all that we have done in the last decade and all we look forward to doing in the future.”

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Faiza Khoja, Pakistani-American, is recognized in her field for her scholarly publications in both academic and practitioner journals. Her scholarly has been published in the Journal of Business Strategies, the Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Management Issues, and many others.

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She is also an active member of community boards, having served as chair, vice-chair, and secretary of the Board of Directors of a federal credit union. She also led the fundraising campaign for Aga Khan Foundation in the Southwest region. She also served as the founder and CEO of a non-profit school for four years.

She is expected to join as the dean of the university within the next two weeks. She expressed gratitude to the faculty and staff of the university to allow her to serve. She expressed her interest to continue the community work throughout the region.

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Pakistani Americans are making great strides in various fields. Amna Nawaz, an upcoming Pakistani-American journalist, was selected to moderate a US presidential debate, the first woman of South Asian origin to win this honor, according to media reports.

Ms. Nawaz, 40, a senior correspondent for the Public Broadcasting Service news program “NewsHour” senior national correspondent co-moderated the sixth Democratic primary debate, scheduled for Dec. 19 at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

Amna is the daughter of Shuja Nawaz, a former Pakistan Television (PTV) journalist and currently a Distinguished Fellow, South Asia Center, at Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think-tank.

Pakistani-Americans excelling in USA

Adeel Rana, a Pakistani-American become the first Muslim police officer to be appointed as a local precinct in the New York Police Department on 5th July.


Fausto Pichardo, the NYPD Chief of Patrol, confirmed the appointment of Captain Adeel Rana as the Precinct Commander. Adeel Rana also expressed his excitement on being appointed as the Precinct Commander. He took to Twitter to express joy in his success.

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Before him, another Pakistani-American police officer was promoted to head the New York Police Department’s volunteer force. Nasir Saleem is the first Pakistani and man of Muslim faith to be appointed as Auxiliary Department Chief.

Saleem has dedicated his achievement to his country, Pakistan in his statement. “It’s a great honor, I am speechless,” Saleem said in an emotionally charged voice. “I dedicate my new title to Pakistan,” he told reporters after taking the oath of office as the Auxiliary Deputy Chief on Tuesday.


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