Friday, October 23, 2020

Nissan Juke 2021 Review || Cars this good, should be illegal.

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  1. Great review Matt as always. I saw a white one in the flesh the other day and I was quite intrigued. Certainly a big step over the last Juke! I quite like it. How’s the dual clutch at low speeds? Jerky? So many makers are putting them in city cars and this is where clutch packs burn up- in stop start traffic. Is this Nissan’s first dual clutch? Didn’t know they started using them.

  2. Great review.
    It certainly looks a whole lot better than the last one.
    I’m not a fan of these small Cross overs as a sector personally. Why they try to make them look like coupes, and add ‘sporty’ materials such as alcantara just seems pointless to me. It’s ashame these sorts of cars are replacing the good old family sedan or wagon.

  3. Ultimately, the Juke "refresh" was a massive missed opportunity. One step forward, and several steps back. With several other superior makes of vehicle in this price range and class, it's a tribute to Nissan's marketing that this vehicle still exists. A shame seeing much better bang for your buck out there. The Juke once set the pace, now it can't keep up. A slap in the face to the old Juke's to even try to retain the name on this abomination. RIP Juke.

  4. We own a 2016 Juke Stinger in the U.S. and love it. It’s been a blast to drive and very reliable so far. I really wish they would have brought the new Juke to the U.S. for now, we can only dream about one.


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