Monday, June 21, 2021

National Cyber Force: Britain introduces NCF to avoid security threats

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The presence of the National Cyber Force(NCF) in the UK has now been publicly acknowledged after six months of rhetoric and the launch of aggressive cyber measures by them.

The organization’s responsibilities include countering threats from terrorists, criminals, and hostile countries.

The National Cyber Force (NFC) will work under the new command, along with the British intelligence agency MI6 and the Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ). The new command has been in operation since April, and its presence was publicly acknowledged by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday.

The idea is that when British troops go to war, cyber operations work in conjunction with conventional forces.

One possible scenario is that the organization may try to hack the air defence systems of enemy countries to help the British Air Force.

However, this force was not created for military purposes only. It will also be able to deal with daily national cyber issues.

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NFC abilities

The NFC’s practical mission is to damage the communications system of those who pose a threat to the UK in any way.

This may include things like making an accused’s mobile phone unusable so that he cannot talk to his collaborators.

NNFC also aims to damage the network of a cybercrime group to prevent attacks like the 2017 Wanna Cry, which corrupted data from the NHS and other organizations. However, another way is to access the attackers and discourage them.

The ability to surprise the enemy may be a factor, and that’s probably why officials are reluctant to go into more detail.

Battlefield support

The new command has been in operation since April and its head is briefed on all ongoing operations. Recruitments to this command are being made from the existing Army, MI6 and Defence Science and Technology Laboratories. MI6 officers may also be involved if an operation is being conducted internationally. The goal of the new organization is to employ 3,000 people over the next ten years.


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