My promotion speaks of meritocracy in Pak Army: Lt Gen Nigar Johar to BBC

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Nigar Johar, first female Lieutenant General of Pakistan, recently gave an interview to the international media outlet, BBC. In her interview, Nigar Johar said that her promotion to the rank of the Lt Gen reflects the adherence to meritocracy in the Pakistan Army.

Nigar Johar’s interview with BBC

She asserted that she achieved success through hard work and determination. The country’s first female Lt Gen, Nigar Johar, believes every goal is achievable through hard work and consistent efforts.

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“All that is required a passion to work and dream to follow and if you work then gender does not create any hurdle in your way,” she said.

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Nigar Johar in her interview with the BBC said that women have a respectable status in Pakistan. “They have economic, social, and all other kinds of securities in the country.”

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She said women are joining every professional field in Pakistan. Also, they are achieving commendable success in every field. Nigar Johar said she is proud to join Pakistan Army. She added that her institution is providing crucial support to civil administration to fight COVID-19 in Pakistan.


Major General Nigar Johar was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General. She is the first female army officer promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General. Also, Nigar Johar becomes the first female General Surgeon of Pakistan. Lt. Gen Nigar Gohar is currently serving at the Commandant Military Hospital, Rawalpindi.

The Inter-Services Public Relations informed about her promotion in a statement released on Tuesday. According to ISPR, she is the first female Lieutenant general of the Pakistan Army. She hails from the PanjPir area of Swabi district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General

Lt Gen Nigar Johar is the niece of the Major (R) Mohammad Amir who is a retired army officer from Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI. Her father, Colonel Qadir, also served ISI. Her parents died in a road accident 30 years ago.

Johar is only the third woman in the history of Pakistan Army to have reached the rank of major general. She belongs to the Army Medical Corps. The other two major generals, Shahida Badsha and Shahida Malik also belong to the Army Medical Corps.

Background of Nigar Johar

She joined the Army Medical College in 1981 graduating in 1985. She is from the 5th MBBS course of Army Medical College. Nigar Johar served as the female company commander of Ayesha company at the same college. In 2010 she completed the examination for membership of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. In 2012 she completed her diploma in Advance Medical Administration through the Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute in 2015. She completed a Master of Public Health degree from the same institute.

Earlier, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, Matsuda Kuninori, felicitated Lt Gen, Nigar Johar for her promotion in the Pakistan Army. The Japanese Ambas¬sador in a statement said, “My heartfelt congratula¬tions to Lt. Gen. Johar and her family for achieving this milestone and mak¬ing history. This is indeed a great inspirational success story for all Pakistani women who must feel pride and encouragement for pursuing their dreams.”


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