Music that inspired 1980s Japanese environmental music composer Yukata Hirose

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Yutaka Hirose is a Japanese composer who was a key determine in that country’s ambient/environmental music scene of the nineteen eighties that in the latest decades has been rediscovered by crate-diggers all over the planet. Hirose’s “NOVA” (1986) is a basic of the genre, a soundscape that Misawa Household Corporation commissioned as a “soundtrack” for the prefabricated properties. Though original LPs have offered for hundreds of pounds, WRWTFWW Documents have lately reissued the record as an expanded double LP and double CD. (For a even further exploration of Japanese environmental music of the nineteen eighties, Light in the Attic Records’ “Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Audio 1980-1990” is a great portal.)

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To celebrate the NOVA reissue, The Vinyl Manufacturing unit questioned Hirose to develop a combine of audio he was listening to and impressed by in the eighties Pay attention higher than. It is really a wonderful, at times-jarring, and completely powerful journey through avant-garde appears of the time. This is the tracklist:

1. Jan Steele – All Day
2. David Toop – Do The Bathosphere
three. Gavin Bryars – 1, two, one-two-three-4
four. Joan La Barbara – Poems 43, forty four, 45
five. Meredith Monk – Waltz
6. Karlheinz Stockhausen – Stimmung
7. John Cage – 7 Haiku
eight. Throbbing Gristle – Nearly A Kiss
9. Robert Ashley – Yellow Guy With Coronary heart With Wings
10. The Traveling Lizards – The Window
eleven. Henry Cow Tiny Pink Using Hood Strike The Highway
twelve. Faust – Faust
13. CAN – Foreseeable future Days
fourteen. Tangerine Dream:Rubycon
fifteen. Michael Nyman – Decay Songs
16. David Toop & Max Eastley – Metropolis of Night time
seventeen. Annette Peacock – Sky-Skating

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