Thursday, March 4, 2021

Mujhay Kyun Nikala, Jeremy McLellan mocks Donald Trump

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American comedian, Jeremy McLellan, on Thursday, took a hilarious dig at the US President Donald Trump and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

In his latest Twitter post, McLellan posted a meme on President Trump that had written on it: ‘Mujhay Kyun Nikala’ (Why I was dislodged?), a catchphrase that became popular after Sharif- protested against his ouster from PM Office by Supreme Court, in public rallies.


Many internet users have been likening the current presidential elections of the USA to the prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 2013. Others have been drawing comparisons between President Trump and Sharif as well. They commented that the reactions of President Trump to the election results remind them of thrice premier of Pakistan, Sharif.


“Trump is doing great,” wrote McLellan in his tweet. Earlier, on November 3, McLellan also commented on the controversy of the eldest son of US President, Donald Trump Jr. for sharing a map that showed Jammu Kashmir as part of Pakistan. McLellan, while commenting on the post said: “Thank you, Donald Trump Jr, for recognizing Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan.”

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The map appeared to show that the entire world supports Trump while only a few countries support Biden.

In August, Pakistan had issued a new map, showing the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu Kashmir as part of the country, after approval from the cabinet.


A score of Pakistani users said that they are getting a “serious Pak feel” with someone screaming he won the election and competitors accusing each other of rigging.


Republican candidate, US President Donald Trump, had already declared a pre-emptive victory against Democrat candidate Biden on Tuesday amid the polling. People said Trump’s statement reminded them of Sharif who made a victory speech with senior leadership of PML-N even before the official results of elections were announced.

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Twitter users did not spare the opposition leaders of Pakistan, some mixed the dance of Trump with the party song of the Pakistan People’s Party.

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