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Morocco investigates Algeria’s jet ski fatality


Morocco Launches Investigation into Death of French-Moroccan Killed by Algerian Coast Guard

Morocco has initiated an investigation into the death of a French-Moroccan citizen who, along with another Moroccan national, was shot dead by the Algerian coast guard. The incident has raised tensions between the two neighboring countries, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting are still unclear.

The French Foreign Ministry in Paris confirmed the death of one individual but did not provide any details about the incident. They also mentioned that another French citizen had been detained in connection with the incident. Meanwhile, in Morocco, the prosecutor’s office has started investigating the death of one of the young men after his body was discovered on the beach in Saidia.

The victim, identified as Bilal Kissi, was laid to rest in Bni Drar village near Oujda, a city located on the border with Algeria. Bilal and his brother Mohammed, along with their Moroccan cousin Abdelali Mechouar and their friend Smail Snabe, who is also of French-Moroccan descent, had set out on jet skis from Saidia on Tuesday.

Saidia is a popular summer seaside resort known for its long beach and water sports. According to Mohammed Kissi, they unintentionally crossed into Algerian waters. He stated, “We got lost but we kept going until we found ourselves in Algeria.” It was there that they encountered a black Algerian dinghy approaching them. The individuals on board opened fire, resulting in the tragic deaths of Bilal Kissi and Abdelali Mechouar.

Mohammed Kissi managed to escape and return to Moroccan waters, where he reported the incident. However, Abdelali Mechouar’s body remains in Algeria, and Smail Snabe was injured and detained by Algerian authorities. The family of the victims is pleading for the return of Abdelali’s body, emphasizing that the young men were innocent and were on a family holiday from France, where they worked.

“These young people weren’t involved in drugs, and they hadn’t stolen anything. They are of good standing and were only here on a family holiday,” said a cousin of Bilal Kissi in a video released by Al-Omk. The cousin also mentioned that one of the deceased left behind two children, while the other had a daughter.

Mohammed Kissi, upon his return to Moroccan waters, informed authorities that the group had gotten lost and ran out of fuel. However, there has been no official comment from either Algeria or Morocco regarding the incident. The shooting comes at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries due to their ongoing dispute over the territory of Western Sahara.

The investigation into the incident will hopefully shed light on what transpired and provide answers to the grieving families. Both Morocco and Algeria must work together to ensure a thorough and transparent investigation, as well as to prevent any further escalation of tensions between the two nations.

The tragic deaths of Bilal Kissi and Abdelali Mechouar serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining peaceful relations between neighboring countries. It is crucial for both Algeria and Morocco to prioritize dialogue and diplomacy in resolving their differences and preventing any further loss of innocent lives.

As the investigation unfolds, it is essential for authorities to provide regular updates to the public and ensure that justice is served for the victims and their families. The international community should also closely monitor the situation and offer support to facilitate a peaceful resolution between Algeria and Morocco.

In conclusion, the death of a French-Moroccan citizen at the hands of the Algerian coast guard has sparked an investigation in Morocco. The incident highlights the need for peaceful relations between neighboring countries and emphasizes the importance of resolving disputes through dialogue and diplomacy. The families of the victims deserve answers and justice, and it is crucial for both Algeria and Morocco to work together to prevent any further escalation of tensions.

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